Who Attends

Who Attends

4 out of 5 attendees have purchasing power

Meet the Decision-Makers

There’s only one event with real power to move your business forward in 2020: NAFA’s Institute & Expo. As the home for fleet management professionals, this annual gathering attracts attendees responsible for vehicles across all major sectors—including corporate, government, utility, university and law enforcement. Additionally, our Members serve financial institutions, insurance companies, and non-profit organizations. 

NAFA members represent a dynamic group of industry decision-makers:

  • Members are responsible for the specification, acquisition, maintenance and repair, fueling, risk management, and remarketing of more than 3.7 million vehicles – including in excess of 1.2 million trucks.
  • Members across North America have more than 420,000 medium- and heavy-duty trucks in their fleets, totaling more than $21 billion in assets.
  • More “traditional” fleet vehicles like passenger vehicles, vans, and SUVs managed by NAFA Members total 1.4 million, accounting for $45 billion in assets.
  • Members account for 180,000 police sedans, 43,000-plus emergency vehicles, and 460,000 pieces of specialty equipment used by both public service and corporate fleets.

NAFA attendees come looking to spend money. They’re looking for vendors who have solutions for their fleet needs. The people coming to our booth are interested in buying.

Tina Shilling, Exhibitor, Telogis, Inc., Aliso Viejo, CA

About the Attendees

NAFA Members are comprised of influential national businesses including Bristol-Myers Squibb, Aramark, PepsiCo, Inc., AT&T, Verizon, Comcast, Cox Enterprises, Merck, and GE Healthcare, just to name a few.

  • Attendees represent all industry segments. One-in-three control budgets in excess of $10 million annually.
  • More than 4 out of 5 Attendees have purchasing power.The average annual budget for vehicle acquisition is $1 million-$5 million